“Working for OnPoint has been such a positive, energizing experience. I’ve worked for several companies prior to OnPoint, and from my very first conversation with Brian, I knew the OnPoint team was different. When you find a company that listens to you, respects you and your opinion, and cares about you, it’s just, wow. It makes all the difference!

I feel like I can be completely myself working at OnPoint. I know I can call Brian and talk to him about anything – whether that’s to discuss my current assignment or to just talk about life! This is the first company I’ve worked for where I feel I can freely bring my questions and concerns to the table, knowing I will be guided in the right direction. Brian and the OnPoint team always have my back and my best interest at heart. OnPoint really cares about their people — they prove it through their actions.

Not only do they care, but they’re also such a positive, fun group to work for. I always think to myself, ‘if I worked out of the OnPoint office, it’d be a party every day!’ Even working remotely, they make it a fun and engaging work environment. It’s been three years since I started working for OnPoint, but I feel like I’ve known them forever.”

Michelle White, BSTM, CCS