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Michelle White, BSTM, CCS

“Working for OnPoint has been such a positive, energizing experience. I’ve worked for several companies prior to OnPoint, and from my very first conversation with Brian, I knew the OnPoint team was different. When you find a company that listens to you, respects you and your opinion, and cares about you, it’s just, wow. It makes all the difference!

I feel like I can be completely myself working at OnPoint. I know I can call Brian and talk to him about anything – whether that’s to discuss my current assignment or to just talk about life! This is the first company I’ve worked for where I feel I can freely bring my questions and concerns to the table, knowing I will be guided in the right direction. Brian and the OnPoint team always have my back and my best interest at heart. OnPoint really cares about their people — they prove it through their actions.

Not only do they care, but they’re also such a positive, fun group to work for. I always think to myself, ‘if I worked out of the OnPoint office, it’d be a party every day!’ Even working remotely, they make it a fun and engaging work environment. It’s been three years since I started working for OnPoint, but I feel like I’ve known them forever.”

Michelle White, BSTM, CCS

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Joy Mitchell, COC, CIRCC

I have worked for various contract agencies in my coding career but I have to say my experience with OnPoint has been the best! I had talked with Brian Lasch several times before actually accepting a position; he was very careful in making sure I was a good fit for the client and vice versa.He was forthright about the client’s needs as well as what I was looking for in an organization.OnPoint is extremely professional and courteous to their employees as well as the clients they serve.I feel OnPoint does their best to match the right employee with the right client.Brian and Michael were always available if I had any questions or concerns or just needed clarification.If you are looking for your next career move, I recommend OnPoint, without hesitation!Where am I now?I started with OnPoint in June of 2020 in a contract-to-hire coding position for a large hospital in Southern California: I became a permanent employee in November of 2020.I am extremely happy with my current position and the professionals I work with.This was definitely the right fit for me, and I credit OnPoint for vetting my next career move.Joy Mitchell, COC, CIRCC

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Myra Phillips, RN, CCDS

Working in Hawaii had always been a dream of mine so I was very surprised when OnPoint reached out and told me they had my dream job available, an onsite CDS role in Hawaii.   At that time I was on another assignment and had to make the difficult decision to pass on the opportunity.  OnPoint respected my decision and agreed to stay in touch.

When I found my assignment coming to an end last year I placed a call to my recruiter at OnPoint, Victor Sanchez, to see if we could still make my dream come true.   Not only were they able to make my dream come true by placing me in Hawaii but I ended up loving the Hospital System and CDI team so much that I decided to relocate to Hawaii and take the job full-time!

OnPoint is great company to work for, the staff are friendly and professional.  They listen to you if you have questions or concerns and are always just a phone call away.  I always felt like the company had my back and was there for me throughout my assignment.  I recommend them to anyone that values a company that cares about their best interest.

Myra Phillips, RN, CCDS

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